PT DTMK , Chemicals Supply & Distributors

PT Dwi Tunggal Mulia Kimia also known as PT DTMK the chemicals distribution & supply company for manufacture. We handle raw material chemicals in wide range product as Polymer, Monomer, Solvent, Biochemicals, Natural oil, Organic & Inorganic chemicals, and many more. As a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, PT DTMK connected with global suppliers from many resources, many various type industrial material for product solution. Find for specialty chemical, add your specification to us. We support for sustainable supply chain, Stable stock material chemicals.

Chemical raw materials wholesaler PT DWI TUNGGAL MULIA KIMIA offers solutions aimed mainly at entrepreneurs, regardless of the scale of their operations. Attractive prices, the ability to quickly adjust the order to customer needs as well as comprehensive and friendly service guarantee invaluable support for any business.

See our products we supply, or contact us for detailed information about specialty materials chemicals.