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High-Performance Solutions for Durable Supply Industry in High Production


We provide chemical resistance on various surfaces, such as wood or metal. They can be applied in end-use applications such as anti-fouling paints, coil coatings, can coatings, wood coatings and road marking paints. 


When it comes to weather resistance, our portfolio features solutions for every scenario. Our waterborne polymers offer excellent barrier protection against oxygen, water and moisture damage. Additionally, our resins withstand exposure to weathering and UV rays from our principle

UV Protection

From larger global provider we have great solutions offer superior UV stability and protection for coatings. Our UV stabilizers are designed for various applications, including OEM clear coats and topcoats, industrial coatings, architectural exterior coatings, marine coatings, wood coatings, protective coatings, and more.

And Many More ...

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We work diligently to provide proven, tailored solutions

Our portfolio includes high-performance polymers, surfactants, specialty monomers, additives and solvents. We deliver improvements to key functionalities such as durability, adhesion, corrosion resistance and water resistance, as well as surface wetting, emulsion polymerization, pigment dispersion, color development and foam control, among others.